Created by Sacha Prost, son of Alain Prost, and his sister-in-law Delphine Prost, 8Js has the essence and authenticity of racing running in its blood.

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, formula one has seen some of the most charismatic drivers of all times. Names like Jo, Jack, Jim or James were very common amongst them.

8 represents the infinity in rememberance of those astonishing years. 8Js was born !
8Js defines itself as an effortlessly chic and sportyline. 8Js thrives to inspire a choice of lifestyle akin to those revered legends.

Just like bringing the world’s most powerful engines to ultimate precision and optimum performance, 8Js strives to elaborate and create garments of the highest quality.

The brand’s uncompromising attitude towards excellence, both in design and build, has led to all of its clothes being manufactured in Italy by a series of expert artisans.

By creating the right balance between soft and strong material for each piece, 8Js pays tribute to the race-suits and gear of racing drivers and their comfortable but durable properties. In fact, the brand inherited a large range of details from the world of motorsports such as gunmetal parts akin to those of mechanical parts, red racing lines, race-suit collars, squared quilt stitching patterns and many more. Faithful to its legacy, 8Js conveys these specific elements with an elegant contemporary approach.

"8Js has been a partner of the team since its inception. We are grateful to be part of a team that shares our passion for racing. The two first seasons have yielded a great number of wins and titles; we hope the future will be even better." Sacha Prost.

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